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Call for Proposals - FAQ

Call for Proposals
How do I get to the Call for Proposals form?
Go to to access the online form. Submission of Proposals is done online, via an e-form, to allow for a fair and balanced peer review process.
  • If you are beginning the proposal process, you must create a profile. Once complete, you will be sent an email with your user id and password to log in and create a submission.
  • If you are continuing a proposal in progress, log in to complete the submission.
Can I send my proposal directly to CoreNet Global?
Due to the online Peer Review Process for reviewing proposals, only online proposals are accepted.
Can I submit supplemental material for my proposal? Can I upload this?
In order to keep the time commitment for the volunteer reviewers to a minimum, it is necessary to limit the proposal content to the fields provided on the e-form. As a result, you will not be able to upload additional documentation.
Do I have to complete my proposal in one sitting?
No, you will be able to work on your proposal, save your progress, and return to it at a later date. We recommend that you keep the web address and user login close at hand, so that you may easily return to your draft

NOTE: Once you have finalized your proposal, you will NOT be able to make any edits.
How long will the proposal process take?
Once all of your information is ready, we anticipate the proposal will take no more than 20 minutes. To aid you, we have documented the submission steps and provided a Proposal Template (PDF).
What information do I need to collect on the speakers prior to submitting my proposal?
Our reviewers have expressed a desire to know more about the proposed speakers. We strongly encourage you to have your speaker information complete. Speaker information must include:
  • brief speaker bio/photo
  • complete contact information
These are required fields. You are encouraged to refer to the Proposal Template (PDF) for a review of the information required.
Can I submit a proposal for the education program and apply to be a reviewer?
Yes. You can submit a proposal and apply to be a Reviewer. However, you may not review the proposals that you submitted. 
Who will review my proposal?
Each proposal will be reviewed by your peers who are members of CoreNet Global as well as CoreNet Global senior staff. All peer reviewers are volunteers.
What are the review criteria by which my proposal will be evaluated?
View the Proposal Template (PDF) for the criteria by which your submission will be reviewed.