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Article: Mike Buckingham: Ticket to Ride Members Only
It's a well-known fact among corporate real estate (CRE) professionals that many of the people in this line of work fell into it while en route to someplace else. For Mike Buckingham, that "someplace" was jail-almost. "My aspiration in high school was to find a career in law enforcement. After graduation I worked full-time as a small town police officer until I arrested the mayor's brother for driving under the influence around 3:00 in the morning. By 9:00 a.m. I was in front of the chief of police being informed that I needed to look for another position.

Report: In and Out: Middle East Members Only
The rapid wave of real estate development and amount of wealth accumulated in the Middle East has long fascinated the rest of the globe. The abundance of natural resources in the region has resulted in a huge influx of wealth over the last 50 years. However, despite the massive development of commercial and residential property over that time, the investment market remains tiny by comparison, leaving unsatisfied demand. It also pushes cash-rich Middle Eastern investors towards alternative sectors and outside their home region. Are there changes ahead that may bring more opportunities to the Middle Eastern real estate market?

Presentation: Sustainability @ Work: Creating Greener Workplaces Members Only
The Sustainability @ Work survey was designed to better understand what sustainability in the workplace should mean and identify ways people can become more engaged in creating more sustainable workplaces. The online survey was accessed through the Johnson Controls Global WorkPlace Innovation website and distributed globally to over 4,000 respondents with more than 600 respondents per country. Responses were gathered over a three week period in May 2013.

Article: Global Innovator's Award Nominees Members Only
Now in its 15th year, the H. Bruce Russell Global Innovator's Award (GIA) celebrates innovation in corporate real estate (CRE). This year's nominated projects showcase ground-breaking initiatives in the areas of workplace, wellness, economic redevelopment and inter-departmental partnership. Who will be CoreNet Global's next Global Innovator? You'll have to attend the our second annual Awards and Recognition Gala at the North American Summit in Washington, D.C. to find out. But you can get a sneak peek right now.

Report: Paris Discovery Forum June 2014 Executive Summary Members Only
Is the corporate real estate (CRE) industry at a crossroads? Some of the best minds in our industry think so. The CRE industry, they say, needs to up its game, and become truly innovative ? or else risk being displaced.

Presentation: CoreNet Global and Johnson Controls 'Digitization of Facilities Management' Survey Webinar [Presentation] Members Only
The world of global business is becoming more and more complex and turbulent. Globalization, dispersed portfolios, cost containment, information overload, time scarcity are just a few contributing factors. The CoreNet Global and Johnson Controls ?Digitization of Facilities Management? Survey webinar will explore how technology is changing the way we work and the way services are delivered. Further we will look at what the drivers of digitization are, and what the trade-offs between the technological and human input in the delivery of FM services are.

Presentation: Tavola Rotonda Politecnico di Milano Members Only
Paolo Sghedoni gave a presentation at a recent CoreNet Global networking event in Milan on IBM's workplace strategy in Italy.

Presentation: Unilever Workplace Services Members Only
Sreekanth Jayabalan began by discussing the role technology plays in the workplace at Hindustan Unilever and how the office space has evolved the past 30-40 years there. Zones are now created and designed around specific work styles, and use of work. Seat sharing occurs as well. He added, "there is no guarantee people will sit in the same space each day."

Article: Midwest Economy Gathers Momentum Members Only
The Midwest continues to gain traction in its economic recovery and economists generally have a positive outlook for more growth ahead in 2014. "Right now in Iowa all sectors are hitting on full cylinders," says Debi Durham, Director of the Iowa Economic Development Authority. Even during the recession, Iowa is one state that fared better than most. The state was able to rely on its solid agriculture base and a good export market for those ag products to help weather the recession. "That was a way of really keeping our economy very, very strong," says Durham.

Award Submittal: Sustainability @ Work Creating: Greener Workplaces Members Only
A collaborative research initiative of Johnson Controls Global WorkPlace Innovation, the Institute for Building Efficiency, and the Helen Hamlyn Royal College of Arts.

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