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Report: In and Out: Middle East Members Only
The rapid wave of real estate development and amount of wealth accumulated in the Middle East has long fascinated the rest of the globe. The abundance of natural resources in the region has resulted in a huge influx of wealth over the last 50 years. However, despite the massive development of commercial and residential property over that time, the investment market remains tiny by comparison, leaving unsatisfied demand. It also pushes cash-rich Middle Eastern investors towards alternative sectors and outside their home region. Are there changes ahead that may bring more opportunities to the Middle Eastern real estate market?

Report: How to Calculate and Present Deep Retrofit Value Members Only
This might come as a surprise to some, but energy efficiency is about more than energy, and deep energy retrofits, which achieve superior energy savings over conventional retrofits and can reduce a building's energy consumption by 50 percent or more, offer bottom-line benefits for business beyond energy cost savings alone. They generate substantial additional value that is typically ignored: improved employee health, productivity, and satisfaction; bolstered leadership credentials and reputation; access to tax, finance, and entitlement subsidies; improved risk management; reductions in non-energy operating costs; and higher occupancies, tenant retention, rents, and sales prices.

Presentation: L'aménagement en entreprise peut-il s'inspirer du Design-Thinking et être facilitateur des comportements suscitant l'innovation? Members Only
Brigitte Roujol, from Bouygues Bâtiments, Ile de France, focussed on the question "How can corporate office space design be inspired by Design Thinking and facilitate behaviours that foster innovation?

Presentation: CoreNet Global and Johnson Controls Sustaining Talent Through Wellbeing in the Workplace Survey [presentation slides] Members Only
The survey aimed to understand the impact health, wellness and wellbeing will have on the organization and the workplace, as the global war on talent speeds up and the current workforce ages. The results reveal how the trend of health, wellness, and wellbeing can be leveraged to drive business value and what role the workplace plays in this.

White Paper: Global Supply Chain's Impact on Effective Site Selection (Manufacturing & Industrial Knowledge Community) Members Only
As globalization continues to shrink the world and blur boundaries across business development, the issues to consider in exploring new markets, establishing cost-effective distribution centers and containing business costs have become infinitely more complex. For global supply chain management and site selection decision points in this process, risks related to governmental and political issues, rising tariffs, increasing transportation costs, shifting markets and currency rates are highly volatile influencers of success. Responding to these shifting complexities, and to the roadblocks and opportunities they present, is essential for establishing and maintaining a highly-functioning, efficient global supply chain. Having both the knowledge and the tools to understand and act on these influencers in the site selection process must be a key business goal. This white paper attempts to address many of these key drivers that inform the decision making process for global supply chain and site selection strategies and sets the stage for additional research to be completed as these questions are further explored.

Report: The road to 2030: a survey of infrastructure development in Russia Members Only
Infrastructure has been placed at the center of the Russian policy-maker's agenda, as it had become clear by early 2014 that the domestic economy was in need of enhanced domestic investment, especially to diversify away from extractive industries. Expectations in the first quarter of 2014 were for weak growth of around 1.4% GDP for the year, and there was a determination to focus on increasing inward investment while maintaining low inflation. Recent developments have been negative for the economy, as capital flight has been experienced alongside a weakened ruble. This has forced an increase in domestic interest rates and inflation seems likely to reappear. In the short term, at least, it seems unlikely that the private sector investment climate will improve.

Presentation: Think Smart - Sustainability at the BMW Group Members Only
Sean Noonan discussed in great detail the sustainability efforts at BMW Group. He began his presentation by highlighting the company's business strategy, its vision and real estate footprint. Key figures include: 332 sites globally Space usage: 59% production, 22% sales, 14% R&D, 5% administrative Approximately 1,400 employees globally in real estate and facilities management 20% perform international functions, and about 10% are situated outside Germany

White Paper: Corporate Real Estate Performance Management: Research Bulletin Members Only
CoreNet Global and Deloitte conducted a Survey on Performance Management and this white paper is based on the results of the Survey. The challenging economic conditions of the last five years provoked heightened awareness of cost drivers for companies across industries and geographies. Over the same period, options for data collection and analytics increased in number and in sophistication. These and other factors have contributed to elevated interest in performance management among Corporate Real Estate (CRE) organizations. Broadly speaking, CRE performance management encompasses the resources, tools, and processes used to measure and communicate performance across a CRE organization. Resulting insights can be used to inform decision-making, target-setting, and staff development priorities. The selection of performance metrics is a crucial aspect and is a common sticking point for many CRE organizations.

Presentation: The WPP Perspective on Managing Real Estate Members Only
James Woodburn presented on WPP's view on real estate management, emphasizing opportunities for and success stories on workplace transformation - the move to activity-based working. "WPP has many different types of businesses, all wanting to do their own thing," James began. "As a result, it's very complicated." Indeed, WPP has approximately 150 discrete businesses, including Hill+Knowlton (public relations) and advertising leaders Ogilvy & Mather and JWT.

Presentation: Cisco Global Site Strategy, Connected Workplace and Krakow Strategy Members Only
Janet Day-Strehlow presented on Cisco's global site strategy initiative, as well as what it's doing at its Krakow hub in Poland. Janet explained Cisco is undergoing a transformation process to become a global company that secures profitable growth opportunities for its shareholders and employees by leveraging its global presence, practices and talent. WPR has developed and aligned its strategies and solutions to enable this transformation.

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