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White Paper: Real Estate & Facilities Management Outsourcing: Research Bulletin Members Only
As the Real Estate & Facilities (RE&F) service provider industry has matured over the past several decades, end-user RE&F organizations have been challenged to continually enhance their service delivery models. Opportunties to outsource selected RE&F capabilities on an increasing geographic scale have reduced the size and scope of traditional in-house RE&F organizations while advancing leading practices in execution and performance management. This white paper is based on the results of the Outsourcing Survey conducted by CoreNet Global and Deloitte.

Report: Russia Members Only
Global corporations operating in Russia are managing a delicate balancing act that combines both long- and short-term strategies. Businesses are attracted to the long-term growth potential existing in the Russian market, and they are deploying strategies to capitalize on those market opportunities. Yet corporations also recognize the need to take steps in the short-term to safeguard their investment and manage the economic and political risks that exist in that country.

Report: Sydney Corporate Real Estate Forum July 2015 Summary Members Only
As part of our new Strategic Insights Series, CoreNet Global’s Corporate Real Estate Forums replace Discovery Forums and elevate the conversation beyond real estate alone. We’re bringing you expert speakers on today’s most pressing business challenges: Talent, Risk, Leadership, Corporate Social Responsibility, Technology, and more. They’ll not only give you the latest insights on these crucial topics, but tell you what it all means for corporate real estate management.

Presentation: Business Ethical Leadership in Era of Stakeholder Capitalism Members Only
“Ethical leadership has emerged following the global financial crisis,” Dr. Lagan stated. “Society now says it wants a new type of leadership, one that balances what’s good for society and good for the bottom line.” Businesses can raise the ethical floor if they choose to do so, she said. And they must, she urged: “Companies that lose the social license to operate might go out of existence.”

Presentation: Cyber Security considerations in major building assets Members Only
Cybersecurity, Angela explained, has two elements. One is information security, the other is physical security (e.g., protecting your equipment and your paper). “It’s not just technology,” she said. “There’s a physical element too.” Systems that control facilities management functions are now typically connected to the internet. And they’re are often beyond the traditional view or control of the Information Security team. These systems – extensive and growing – present vulnerabilities that weren’t there in the past.

Report: Pursuit of Sustainability Brings Manufacturing Back Into Town Members Only
Environmentally friendly products have gained widespread adoption by consumers in recent years. At the same time, companies have focused on increasing the efficiency with which these products are made, leading to the success of energy efficiency programs such as Energy Star (a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency program). As more consumers consider not only the products that companies make, but also how and where those products are made, companies are increasingly incorporating holistic sustainability goals such as LEED (Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design) certification into their industrial facility planning process. Through experience with this process, Cushman & Wakefield (C&W) has found that companies would be well-advised to include site selection among the top activities driving LEED certification. In other words, careful consideration should be given not only to how the building is designed, but also to where the building is located, in order to achieve targeted LEED credits. In some cases, as this paper will describe, location considerations based on sustainability principles including LEED criteria are driving manufacturing facilities back into town after decades of expansion into less urban locations.

Report: Smart Workplace 2040 Members Only

In this report, Johnson Controls describes a day in the life of Nina, a digirati, an entrepreneur, a working parent, an artist, living and working in 2040. Through decoding what a typical day could look like, they are presenting how her working life is articulated around her family and leisure activities to meet her radical working patterns.

Report: Americas Office Members Only
The workforce has undergone a structural shift over the past few decades; its composition has seen the proportion of full-time employees fall as contractors, freelancers, and part-timers has risen. MBO Partners' 2014 State of Independence in American workplace study reported a growing headcount of 17.9 million independent workers - up 12.5% from 2011. An additional 24 million is anticipated by 2019.

Research Report: China - Corporate Real Estate Trends 2015 Members Only
The practice of corporate real estate in China has matured quickly in tandem with China's domestic development and integration in the global economy. With this context in mind, we are delighted to present the China edition of JLL's biennial Corporate Real Estate Trends report, a data-driven exploration of the current state and future direction of the corporate real estate (CRE) profession specific to companies operating in China.

White Paper: Mind The Data Gap Members Only
From leveraging data to manage traffic flow in Asia to monitoring workplace productivity in the US, both public sector and private organizations increasingly rely on analytical tools to generate data-driven insights that enable better decisions and improve internal operations. Analytics initiatives often focus on technology to support data collection, storage, processing, and access. However, business intelligence, data warehousing, and big data, while essential, are simply a means to an end. The real value of data and analytics derives from the insights it yields.

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