Past Events & Resources
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Past Events & Resources

CoreNet Global Summits attract between 500 attendees for Summits in Asia Pacific & EMEA and 2,700 attendees for Summits in North America, attracting the very best minds in corporate real estate.

CoreNet Global Summit's offer opportunities for members to network, learn and be recognized for professional achievements. Case study presentations, interactive learning sessions, smaller interest group activities, executive development training and continuing education; all in one place over 2 to 3 days. At the EMEA and Asia Pacific Summits there is also an industry tour of the host city which always boasts very high attendance and is always an insightful learning experience. Three Summits are held annually in North America, Asia Pacific and EMEA.

CoreNet Global Conferences are one-day regional events focusing on exploring corporate real estate market trends and realities within and around the host country and region. Conferences attract about 100 – 150 attendees ranging from experienced CRE professionals to those just getting started in the profession.

Past Events

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Singapore | 12-15 March 2018 - Global Summit


Seattle | 5-7 November - Global Summit

London | 12-14 September - Global Summit

Shanghai | 21-23 March - Global Summit
India Conference | 21 June - Regional Conference


Philadelphia | 16-19 October - Global Summit
Amsterdam | 14-16 September - Global Summit
Singapore | 22-24 March - Global Summit


India Conference 1 December - Regional Conference
Los Angeles 18-20 October - Global Summit
London 16-18 September - Global Summit
Hong Kong 17-19 March - Global Summit


India Conference 19 November - Global Summit
Washington D.C. 26-29 October - Global Summit
Berlin 15-17 September - Global Summit
Shanghai Conference 5 September - Regional Conference
Singapore 25-27 March - Global Summit


Las Vegas 21-23 October - Global Summit
Amsterdam 9-11 September - Global Summit
Spring Forward 17-19 April - Global Summit
Shanghai 26-28 March - Global Summit


Orlando 7-9 October - Global Summit
London 17-19 September - Global Summit
San Diego 29 April-1 May - Global Summit
Singapore 27-29 March - Global Summit