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Blurring the Lines: Transcending Boundaries

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Call for Proposals

2017 Call for Proposal for EMEA and North America are closed.

Thank you for your interest.

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2017 Summit Theme


Blurring the Lines: Transcending Boundaries

The world is drawn on maps with lines that divide countries, cultures, people, politics, economies and ideologies. Let’s face it – until now we have lived in a walled world. Whether physical or virtual, real or perceived, the barriers that separate people and places are widely recognized as part of our personal and professional lives. Walls have long divided corporations from society, work from home, managers from workers, function from function, cost centers from revenue generators and the list goes on. But now more than ever, those walls are crumbling. Hard lines have softened. Rigid rules have been bent. Previously unbreachable boundaries have been permeated.

Dramatic changes in the business environment, globalizing markets, demographics, risk and technology have altered the structure of the enterprise. Empowered consumers expect a total customer experience. Brand equity is king. Big data and security risks are the new norm. These seismic shifts require transformational thinking and integrated solutions. Corporate real estate professionals like you and the corporations you work for, must examine – and exploit - the many implications of blurred lines at a time of unprecedented uncertainty. The 2017 CoreNet Global Summits will explore ways you can transcend traditional boundaries through divergence.

Your proposal should help the Summit attendees find answers to pressing questions such as:

  1. Globalization. What happens in New York affects Frankfurt, and what happens in Frankfurt affects Shanghai. How has your CRE intertwined and balanced markets, policies and strategic decisions? How is CRE leveraging new partnerships and new supply chains to enhance corporate performance?
  2. The CRE team. The internal CRE team and the external CRE team, comprising strategic service provider partners, truly are one team now.  They share common metrics and vision of success. They are a cohesive team who have a shared goal of serving the internal business customer.
  3. Technology: New technologies are continually pushing the boundaries of reality. Virtual reality replicates an environment, real or imagined, and simulates a user's physical presence and surroundings in a way that allows the user to interact with it. What have been the real implications for CRE? For example, have you provided an opportunity for occupiers to actually see and experience new spaces before they are constructed? And how is the Internet of Things (IoT) transforming data analytics, building performance and even the employee experience?
  4. Internal Partnering. How has CRE overcome the ‘silo’ state of the past and blurred the lines with other key internal partners to achieve optimum results for the corporation?
  5. Workplace. Perhaps in no other domain of CRE have boundaries disappeared and lines blurred than in workplace. Lines continue to blur in terms of what constitutes an office or workplace; including on-site healthcare, dry cleaning, food options, gyms and other personal services. How has this impacted your portfolio strategy and relationships with business managers?
  6. Physical Security and Cybersecurity. CRE must partner more effectively with corporate Security and IT to address physical security (the building) and cybersecurity (how internet-connected buildings and facilities systems present risks). What is Real Estate doing to help prevent, manage and avert potential security breaches?
  7. Employment Terms: Full-time, part-time, contract or embedded employees are blurring the definition of employees for many companies. How has CRE worked with the businesses to further attract and retain employees under these new ways of employment?
  8. Government: Agreements between governments, like the Eurozone, have reduced the conventional definition of country boundaries. The free movement of currency and people have made it easier to move between established borders. How has this blurring of boundaries impacted your portfolio and business decisions?
  9. Sharing Economy: A fundamental shift is taking place between ownership and access. The rise of companies like Uber and Airbnb are leading the way in tearing down this distinction of owning physical assets made possible by the direct contact between the supplier and customer via an online platform. What fundamental changes have you implemented to take advantage of such companies like WeWork and LiquidSpace that offer shared office spaces? In what other ways are you leveraging the benefits of the sharing economy to enhance CRE performance?
  10. Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility. Corporations recognize that their fortunes are fundamentally linked to those of the communities and overall environment in which they operate. What are your CRE real-life examples and implications for your enterprise? How is CRE demonstrating leadership in support of your company’s Sustainability and CSR goals?

We look forward to receiving your proposal.

Call for Summit Proposals 

Quality Proposals

We seek proposals that explore the business and cultural environments that are affecting your company now and in the likely future. CoreNet Global members desire to be more aware of the scenarios that might evolve so that they can be proactive as well as quickly respond to changes. When submitting your proposal, consider the following:

  • How do the scenarios reflect technology’s impact on work and the workplace – (it’s not just about CRE; consider HR, Finance, IT, Procurement, Business)?
  • How do the scenarios ‘play out’ in light of new forms of global competition and the implications for the shifting geography where work gets done, and where value gets created?
  • Share divergent opinions about emergent ideas, successes, failures and lessons learned.
  • How effective is attracting and retaining talent due to changes in demographics and the culture of the work-life balance; and blurring boundaries between professional expertise and enterprises?
  • What does it really mean to work in an environment of boundaries that are blurred between today and tomorrow and among groups with different “responsibilities” within your enterprise?
  • Write in a way that critically explores an issue:
    • In what situations and under what conditions would the given concept be most useful; and what would it take to make it so?
    • Positive tension in your presentation is a plus; that is, explore different point of views (pros and cons) around an issue, product or service.
  • Include divergent ideas and perspectives from other disciplines, then contextualize it back to the profession.
  • As a speaker, how will you blur the lines between audience and presenter?  How will you engage the audience beyond traditional panel presentations with Q&A to create a memorable breakout session? 

Key Dates 

20 January 2017 Call for Proposal Closes – EMEA & North America Summits
21-23 March 2017 CoreNet Global Summit – APAC Summit (Shanghai)
April 2017 Notifications of Acceptances – EMEA & North America
12-14 September 2017 CoreNet Global Summit – EMEA (London)
5-8 November 2017  CoreNet Global Summit – North America (Seattle)

Purpose of Reviewers

CoreNet Global seeks reviewers from around the world to evaluate education session proposals for the 2017 Global Summits. Peer reviewers are critical to ensure the high quality of the Summit education experience by thoughtfully assessing the proposals for exceptional presentations. CoreNet Global uses peer reviewers to help vet content for all Global Summits. There is a strong desire to provide a diverse, global mix of content at each Global Summit we do and this requires a diverse, global mix of subject matter experts to carefully review, rate and provide feedback on content proposal submissions.

We invite you to be part of the Call for Proposal peer review process, to enable us to feature learning that truly reflects our members' interests and needs.

As a reviewer you will help evaluate the proposals for the breakout sessions. You will be given criteria to evaluate the proposals so that all submissions are consistently and fairly evaluated. All proposals must be evaluated during 23 September 2016 – 28 February 2017.

Basic Requirements for Reviewers

  • Expertise in corporate real estate
  • Must be a CoreNet Global member
  • Must have attended at least one CoreNet Global Summit
  • Commitment to complete review of all assigned proposals by the 23 September 2016 and 28 February 2017 deadlines

Guidelines for Reviewers

  • Reviewers will be invited to a webinar on 10, 16 or 17 August to learn how to assess the proposals.
  • All Reviewers must read and accept the Terms & Conditions found at this link.
  • The Global Summit Reviewers cannot contain more than two Reviewers from the same company. The Global Summit Reviewers will evaluate content for the APAC, EMEA and North American Summits held in 2017.
  • CoreNet Global will retain ultimate responsibility for the final Summit Breakout Session Program selection.

Terms and Conditions

Please review the following Terms and Conditions for participating on the as a Global Summit Reviewer.

  1. Conflict of Interest: To avoid any conflict of interest, please disqualify yourself as a reviewer for any specific Submission where
    1. The submitter is from the same company as yourself or
    2. You acted or will act as a paid consultant to the company, or will gain some benefit from the project in the submission; or
    3. You have any affiliation or financial interest in the firm or persons submitting this proposal.
    4. You have any reason to suspect a conflict of interest.
  2. Confidentiality: All materials shared with Summit Reviewers is confidential to the CoreNet Global Summit planning and to the companies that submit them. They are not to be shared with others. All Summit programming updates to parties outside of the reviewers will be provided officially by CoreNet Global staff.
  3. Review: All Content Submission Reviews will be completed online by the agreed Reviewer only, via the link provided by CoreNet Global within the timeframe outlined above.
  4. Contact with Speakers: Summit Reviewers should not reach out to/make commitments to submitters or potential speakers mentioned in Content Submissions. All communication with Submitters, Speakers and representatives from affiliated companies will be conducted by CoreNet Global staff.
  5. CoreNet Global: Does not pay stipends to Summit Reviewers. Your valuable contribution will be recognized in a General Session at the Summit.

CoreNet Global reserves the right to use your name, title and company name in pre- and post-Summit marketing materials.

Timeline for Reviewers

Date Action
10-Jun Call for Reviewers Opens
30-Jun Call for Reviewers Closes
12-Jul Reviewers Receive Notification of Acceptance
10-Aug Reviewers Webinar - APAC
16-Aug Reviewers Webinar - NA
17-Aug Reviewers Webinar - EMEA
29-Aug Reviewers begin to evaluate the APAC Proposals
23-Sep Deadline to complete review of all assigned APAC session proposals
1-Feb 2017 Reviewers begin to evaluate the EMEA & North America Proposals
28-Feb 2017 Deadline to complete review of all assigned session proposals

Reviewer Applications Closed

The 2017 Call for Reviewers is closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted an application.

Submit Your Proposal

Please complete the online proposal submission to be considered.

Each year the top-rated speakers from each Summit are recognized as Luminary Award winners.  The award is a symbol of excellence, presented to those achieving performance ratings in the top 10% of all speakers at each Summit. The Luminary Award recognizes the attainment of 'eminence' and 'inspiration' amongst our speakers. The Luminary Awards will be presented at the next regional Summit.

Congratulations to the current and past winners!

2016 Luminary Award Winners (PDF)

2015 Luminary Award Winners (PDF)

2014 Luminary Award Winners (PDF)

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