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How Can CoreNet Global Benefit You?

CoreNet Global exposes opportunities to grow your career, share your views, and impact your profession and the world around you.
  • Share what you know in a welcoming, accepting environment
  • Learn and network with peers and corporate real estate (CRE) leaders
  • Gain mentors to help foster your development
  • Form lasting relationships with CRE friends and peers from around the world through local, global and virtual venues and channels

Who We Are

As the one professional association that brings together all facets of the corporate real estate profession – locally, globally and virtually through the networks, knowledge and learning of nearly 11,000 members worldwide – CoreNet Global is your best available resource to advance your company and career while helping to shape the profession.
  • Impact the profession and the world around you through leading-edge initiatives such as corporate social responsibility and community involvement
  • Actively shape the profession by playing educational and advisory roles throughout the CoreNet Global organization and worldwide network
  • Learn from many of the profession's best practitioners to advance your career, build a broader knowledge base and understanding of CRE
  • Find and develop relationships providing career guidance, mentorships and professional friendships that last a lifetime.

  • Young Leader of the Year Award
  • Young Leader Global Summit Involvement
  • Corporate Real Estate Forum
  • What's Next?

In 2017, CoreNet Global launched the H. Gordon Wyllie, MCR Young Leader of the Year Award. This award recognizes the Young Leader who shows dedication and enthusiasm in the workplace. The Young Leader Awardees are up and coming corporate real estate executives who are certainly those to keep an eye on in the profession. With 20 chapters participating each year by nominating local members for the global award, the response to this initiative is encouraging to the promotion of Young Leaders. The Young Leader of the Year Award winner, finalists, and local nominees are all featured annually in the December issue of the LEADER. The 2017 winner was Rosario Carbonell, MCR, Executive Director, KMC Savills, Inc. with the CoreNet Global Philippines Chapter.

The Global Summits offer a wide variety of ways for Young Leaders to get involved. The following are some of the initiatives CoreNet Global has put into place:

Young Leader xChange: A series of short sessions designed by Young Leaders

Academic Challenge: At CoreNet Global Summits in Asia and North America, college teams compete to solve key challenges facing the profession

Volunteering: Young Leaders help with speaker introductions and in other areas such as the Social Media Hub, and they may also apply to serve as a Peer Reviewer for the Summits

Leadership Development: Each Summit has a Leadership Development component comprised of breakout sessions that are designed to advance communication skills and leadership competencies

Breakout Sessions: Young Leaders have the opportunity to participate as speakers in breakout sessions and are encouraged to submit ideas through the Call for Proposals

Meet-up/Receptions: Young Leaders are invited to a reception at each Summit to network with the Global Board of Directors, Chapter Leaders and Staff

Tech Bar: Young leaders are actively involved as ambassadors for this interactive technology experience at the North American Summit

Young Leaders Corporate Real Estate Forums are held about once a year.

Corporate Real Estate Forums are highly interactive, discussion-oriented sessions attended by leaders in the profession that explore the major challenges facing corporations and how corporate real estate executives and service providers are responding to these challenges.

Corporate Real Estate Forums findings help inform the content of CoreNet Global's various learning and education programs. CoreNet Global Corporate and Strategic Partners - organizations that actively participate in generating the knowledge engine of CoreNet Global - also participate in the Corporate Real Estate Forums program and are the first to learn the key findings of the forums as each is held.

Please note: Pre-registration is required.  Attendance will be strictly limited to invited guests and for specific programming times as indicated.

What’s to come for Young Leaders?

CoreNet Global is off to a good start in getting Young Leaders engaged. But this is only the beginning. There is much more in store for Young Leaders in FY2018 and FY2019.

Qualified Professional of Corporate Real Estate Designation

The Qualified Professional of Corporate Real Estate (QPCR), is a CoreNet Global designation designed for individuals with less than five (5) years of experience in the CRE profession. The designation makes a broader use of technology to address unique needs of Young Leaders. By providing a learning bridge to other CoreNet Global programs, the designation supports Young Leaders as they build knowledge and experience in the corporate real estate profession.

The designation has three areas of focus: Enhancing Business and Leadership Skills, Building CRE professional knowledge and Developing a Professional Network. Candidates are required to complete eighty (80) hours of content across the three areas of focus.

Unique QPCR Benefits:

  • Personalizes the learning experience through a variety of learning options
  • Delivers content through eLearning courses, virtual classroom seminars, and classroom-based local workshops.
  • Encourages Young Leaders to get involved in mentoring, volunteering, podcasts and university ambassador opportunities
  • Builds and enhances an overall global perspective and a network of colleagues

Mentor Match

CoreNet Global is preparing a new mentoring program to help Young Leaders connect with a seasoned professional in the field of corporate real estate. Through submission of self-selected preferences, Mentors and Mentees can connect with other like-minded professionals. Both Mentors and Mentees benefit from the Mentor Match program by expanding their professional network, creating new personal relationships, developing skills and exposing themselves to fresh perspectives. Mentors provide Mentees with general guidance, support and if desired, advice in selected areas of interest. Once the Mentor and Mentee are paired, they can connect at least once per month through virtual meetings, phone calls or in person.  The mentoring program will run in two separate sessions during 2018. Learn More >>

Podcasts and Social Media

CoreNet Global is pleased to launch its new podcast channel designed to put YOU, our members, on the front line of building community through thought-provoking conversations and commentary. Apply to have your voice heard in a podcast and share your bold ideas, innovative concepts, creative problem solving and breakthrough thinking with your peers around the worldLearn More >>

Get involved in the Young Leaders Special Interest Group

The purpose of the Young Leaders Special Interest Group is to provide CoreNet Global members 35 years and under with access to the knowledge and experience of CRE professionals by means of establishing relationships, promoting continuing education, fostering peer networking, and encouraging volunteer and leadership opportunities that mutually benefit CoreNet Global members including the Young Leader. 


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