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Article: How Well Do You Know Wellness? (Sustainability Knowledge Community) Members Only

“Wellness is the number one trend in the world today”. That’s according to Deepak Chopra, former Chief of Staff at New England Memorial Hospital and advocate for alternative medicine, who made the statement at the Meeting Professionals International World Education Conference in the summer of 2014. It’s a bold statement, given the many important socio-economic, political, financial and health issues that impact the world today. But regardless of where you rank wellness on your personal list of world trends, there’s no doubt that the movement surrounding wellness—particularly wellness in the workplace – impacts everyone on some level in a meaningful way.

The average work day for a U.S. full-time employee is now 8.7 hours, nearly 75% of which is spent at a place of work. These work and work-related activities take up the same approximate time as a person sleeps, eats and drinks each day. What this means to a majority of workers is that their work space has a very real impact on the choices they make to maintain a particular lifestyle. Because corporate real estate (CRE) professionals are often responsible for designing, delivering and maintaining these spaces and the programs/services offered at many organizations, this is an opportunity for CRE professionals to make a positive impact by thinking strategically and more fully understanding the implications of wellness and ways to execute programs and initiatives in comprehensive and cost effective ways.

Presentation: Measuring Wellness in the Built Environment Members Only
The WELL Building Standard® developed by Delos is the first protocol of its kind that focuses on human wellness within the built environment. It identifies specific conditions, that when holistically integrated into building architecture and design, enhance the health and well-being of the occupants. To assess the effectiveness of the WELL Building standard, a study was conducted in Los Angeles, Mexico City, and Shanghai; with a fourth location in San Francisco serving as a control group. The study measured the effects of redesigning office workspaces on: employee performance, engagement and happiness, and direct measures of speed and cost of business processes, before and after the design changes to the workspace.

Presentation: Driving Alignment To Create Innovation At Toyota Members Only
An unsustainable provisioning model and a grass roots desire for cultural transformation created the need for Toyota's Real Estate and Facilities (REF) organization to explore new workplace strategies. They knew that a fully integrated solution, including new programs and offerings, would be needed to meet long-term business needs. To develop the new strategy, they pushed the boundaries of traditional workplace programs by creating a cross-functionally integrated workplace solution incorporating state-of-the-art thinking from REF, HR and IT. A data-based approach and "Kaizen" improvement philosophy were employed to measure and demonstrate success, but ultimately helped align the groups and encourage innovative thinking. Join us for this session and learn how Toyota sustained active, cross-functional partnerships to create innovative workplace solutions, including its new North American Headquarters in Plano, TX.

Presentation: Workplace Vitality: Creating Collaboration, Engagement, Well-Being, and Productivity for a Workplace that Thrives Members Only

Great workplaces are all about people – energizing and engaging talent to work together and achieve great results. Employees want to feel good about their job, their contribution, and their employer, and Workplace Vitality™ is at the heart of this experience. Join us to learn about Mars Drinks' brand new, proprietary research on Workplace Vitality™ and how engagement, collaboration, well-being, and productivity come together. We’ll share our findings and talk about pragmatic solutions to create vitality in your workplace to attract, retain, and engage employees. Come dialogue with us about our lessons learned and your own!

Report: Southeast Asia Members Only
The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is a coalition of 10 diverse nations that include Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos (Lao People’s Democratic Republic), Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Over the past decade, these ASEAN countries have experienced robust economic development and continued urbanization, with a surge in growth coming from emerging countries in particular. The region combined represents the seventh largest economy in the world with 2014 GDP output that topped USD $2.5 trillion. And despite a global slowdown, the average annual growth rate for the region for the next four years (2015-2019) is forecast to remain at a healthy 5.6 percent growth rate.

Presentation: The Role of Standards and Regulation in Driving Transparency, Market Confidence and Sustainable Investment Members Only
RICS is an independent, non-profit organisation, that acts in the public interest by setting and regulating the highest standards of competence and integrity among its members; and providing impartial, authoritative advice on key issues for business, society and governments worldwide. Together with International standards, RICS standards are recognised throughout the world.

Article: Cyber Security & Real Estate Members Only
Hacktivism has now reached unprecedented levels. Major organisations and corporates are rarely out of the news from compromises by nation states, organised crime, competitors and individuals. With relative ease, an invisible enemy can find its way into a rich trove of trade strategy documents, IP related to product design, and large volumes of consumer data that can be exploited, sold or used for economic or military gain. It is, however, our employees who remain the most cited culprits of incidents from loss of devices, poor device protection or falling victim to phishing and become unintended accomplices.

Report: Global Cities Report 2016 Members Only
The UN is forecasting the world’s cities to increase in population by 380 million people in the next five years. Consequently, the planet will need to build the equivalent of five cities the size of Los Angeles every year between now and 2020, and all the supporting infrastructure. The development potential of this rapid urbanisation is huge, offering considerable opportunities to firms and investors that operate globally.

Report: Craft Beers Pours Into Commercial Real Estate Members Only
The growing popularity of craft beer in the United States presents opportunities for owners of both warehouses and retail spaces to purpose their buildings to enable brewers to produce and/or sell their output. In the leading markets we surveyed, Colliers International identified more than 400 breweries being planned, potentially representing 3 million SF of new craft beer inventory. The vast majority will be located in industrial space whether in a multi-tenant industrial complex or a larger single-tenant industrial building while the remaining breweries will operate in a retail restaurant location, more commonly known as a brewpub. Each brewery will typically include dedicated space that acts as a retail component that is used to sell directly to consumers in the form of carry out or an on-site taproom within the same operational space their product is manufactured.

Presentation: Decisive Disruption: Online Auctions and Negotiauctions Members Only
Is it possible to effectively sell attractive real estate assets and Sale-Lease-Backs using online auctions? Real Estate is significantly more complex than typical online commodities but after just a few pilots, Online Auctions has become the norm at the global shipping conglomerate, Maersk, and they have already sold online with great success on 3 continents. According to Maersk the key advantages have been; 1) higher sales prices beating valuations with a margin, 2) an efficient sales process without long drawn negotiations and frustrations, 3) fairness and transparency for all stakeholders. But what are the potential pitfalls and challenges?

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