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Presentation: Communicating Your Values as an Organization Members Only
Hiring the right people to carry the vision of the organization can be challenging at times. During this learning theater, participants will gain a few strategies to use when hiring to their core values.

Presentation: A Turnaround Story - Inventing CRE at the American Red Cross Members Only
With over 13 million square feet and 1500 facilities, the American Red Cross was struggling without a centrally managed real estate and facilities department. Developing the assessment and building the business case for the investment in an enterprise function was essential to launching this turnaround. Discover how the implementation of key real estate strategies led to dramatic changes in location, workplace and workforce management.

Presentation: Disruptive Technologies and the New Workplace Members Only
The award-winning NAIOP Interior Design/Build-Out of the Future design concept will be covered in this session. Discover how technology being used by employees shapes and disrupts the workplace as we know it. Explore the trending changes of lifestyle in the modern worker and what is required to stay competitive and successful.

Presentation: International Property Measurement Standards Members Only
CoreNet Global is a participating member in the IPMS coalition of over 40 international professional real estate organizations to develop an international property measurement standard. Come here a brief presentation so you can understand how your organization can benefit from the utilization of one consistent and transparent methodology to measure space across your portfolio and across the globe.

Presentation: Fitting Fitness into Your Busy Life: Boost Your Energy and Focus at Work Members Only
Did you know that fitness and food impact the body and brain at work? Attendees will discover ways to “fit” fitness and superfood energy breaks into their workday to boost alertness and productivity. Dr. Kim will include fitness micro-breaks (no need to change out of your conference attire) to show how easy it is to incorporate the ideas into your workday, busy travels and everyday lives through byte-size activity. The session will conclude with a discussion of wellness programs and wellness challenges at the company-wide level.

Presentation: People Analytics Members Only
Wearables have a long history as an integral part of the workplace, but their real power comes from the behavioral data they generate. Pairing data from wearables with micro-level outcome data enables true people analytics: online-style behavioral analysis and A/B testing in the real world at an unprecedented scale. From autonomous augmented cubicles to shifting walls, people analytics will push the boundaries of what organizations can accomplish. This will not just change how people are managed, but will fundamentally alter the world economy. Dr. Waber will explore how we can realize this promise and will share some early results that further illustrate this potential.

Presentation: Workplace 360: Revolutionizing Business Members Only
Workplace 360 was the Global Innovator award winner for 2014. Discover how CBRE’s Workplace 360 environments allow for disruption and innovation to occur. Gain insights about the objectives and outcomes of this important workplace initiative.

Presentation: Demonstration: GriddTM Whole Building Adaptive Cabling Distribution System Members Only
We will install a mock-up so attendees can: - Observe the steel, gravity-held components connect together quickly without glues, screws, or fasteners. - See channels open up in seconds without tools. - Observe capacity, floor boxes, ramps, and floorcovering options. - Walk across the system to evaluate acoustics & strength.

Presentation: Harnessing the Power of Benchmarking to Improve Performance Members Only
Are you curious about benchmarking? Then plan to attend this session on BenchcoRE, CoreNet Global’s exciting corporate real estate benchmarking initiative that allows companies to use data to reduce costs, improve utilization of facilities and to identify attractive sites to do business. Metrics need to be compared in order to be meaningful and BenchCoRE is an online tool to produce comparative customized reports that you need.

Presentation: Quantum Leap - People Analytics Members Only
Discover how advanced wearable sensing technologies coupled with "big" enterprise data has been used to identify behavioral best practices that were incorporated into new business processes, spaces and technologies. The wearable technology and big data processes represent a quantum leap forward. Sociometrics has researched and analyzed a number of companies using their wearable sensing badge technology coupled with the analysis of the enterprise data. This work has resulted in a number of novel and non-obvious real estate and business discoveries that can be incorporated into real estate and workplace plans. Gain insight into cutting edge research that you can apply to help re-engineer business processes, plan physical contiguity, and introduce solutions to improve collaboration and innovation.

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