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Presentation: Geopolitics Where to go? Where to grow? What Do You Need to Know? Members Only
How do international companies develop strategies for locating and running operations in regions and countries with ever changing political and economic risks? With so many variables in play, how do companies form decisions?

Presentation: The Colorado Front Range - Leader for Renewable Energy / Net-Zero and Clean Tech Design Members Only
The Colorado Chapter is helping to position and support the Denver Metro Area and the entire Rocky Mountain Front Range as the national Renewable Energy / Net-Zero / Clean Tech thought-leader and innovation test bed for the built-environment across multiple industry sectors. Public, private, for-profit and non-profit organizations throughout Colorado are coming together to support the planning, design, construction, commissioning and life-cycle operations and maintenance for smart, intelligent, high-performance and sustainable buildings, homes and communities across multiple market segments. This included residential, commercial, educational, corporate and transportation-oriented development projects.

Presentation: All Aboard The HyperLoop - NY to ATL: 41 mins Members Only
Imagine a not-too-distant future, in the next ten to twenty years, when a new type of transportation has emerged, beyond what we know today in the form of cars & trucks, planes, trains and ships that can move at the speed of sound, transporting people and products across the globe in a way that is safe, secure and sustainable. Dave Clute, presenting on behalf of the Rocky Mountain HyperLoop Consortium, will provide an update of how this new type of transportation could help transform our built environment and provide new options for how and where we work and live in Net-Zero Communities.

Presentation: How Ready Are You for FASB’s New Lease Accounting Standards? Members Only
In early 2016 the U.S. Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) issued new lease accounting standards that require major changes to how to account for leases on corporate financial statements. These changes will impact virtually every company to some degree and have created a heightened concern for real estate portfolio managers, CRE leaders and CFOs because of the financial reporting and business implications. This session will provide you with an overview of the new standards and practical advice on what your company can do now to prepare for the changes. You will be better prepared to discuss how the new standards might affect real estate strategies and decision making.

Presentation: Digital Physical Customer: Innovation at the Intersection Members Only
After decades of focus on knowledge work and its associated administrative outputs, for many organizations, ‘work’ is shifting to include a more tactile component as part of a growing maker movement. The resulting union of the physical and digital increases the speed and iteration of ideation, and from the perspective of customer experience is revolutionizing how innovation happens. TAMI and TIM industries are leading a repurposing of entire districts that cater to this new type of organization – the rise of the maker economy. Discover how Thinkers’ and ‘Makers’ are combining forces to drive innovation in user experience.

Presentation: From Bubble to Bust - Are You Prepared for the Next Downturn? Members Only
What would you do differently if you knew a downturn was coming? Traditionally, occupiers of real estate have been at the whim of real estate market conditions riding the wave from bubbles through busts. They do well when they happen to sign a new lease in a downturn. But they do poorly when trying to dispose of assets or downsize in these same conditions. This challenge is particularly acute in major urban markets like New York or San Francisco where rents and property values can fluctuate by more than 50%. For occupiers, market cycles create a material risk and there are few tools available to help them manage it. As CRE matures and the industry transitions from limited to "big" data, CRE professionals now have the opportunity to use data science and predictive models to help guide their decisions. Partnering with the World Economic Forum, a team of researchers embarked on a project with a very ambitious goal, to create an early warning system for real estate downturns. The results of this effort appear promising. A prototype was created that appears to predict downturns in major US metros. If this indicator proves effective, similar techniques could be used to improve performance throughout the real estate industry, and that's the good news. The bad news is the forecast says that many major US markets are poised for a downturn in the next 12-18 months. The theory behind this system, how bubbles and busts affect key players throughout the real estate ecosystem, and specific strategies that occupiers can use to prepare for the forecasted downturn will be covered during this session.

Presentation: Workplace Literacy: Closing the Skills Gap Members Only
Workplace literacy (WL) comprises the basic competencies necessary for productive engagement in the modern workforce. From a slightly different perspective, WL may be described as being what is needed by the employee to be equipped for a positive workplace experience. The employee experience, linked directly with employee engagement, describes a growing list of key performance indicators (KPIs): productivity, profitability, retention, and satisfaction among others. Increasingly Chief Experience Officer (CXO) positions are appearing in organizations. The CXO is the ultimate champion of the employee experience.

Presentation: The Occupiers Have Spoken Members Only
The outlook of senior corporate real estate (CRE) executives worldwide will be discussed during this briefing on CBRE’s Global Occupier Survey. Gain insights into the three consistent global themes on the CRE executive’s agenda: balancing local actions amid global economic uncertainty, implementing employee-centric workplace strategies, and supporting rapid enterprise transformation—all while strategically managing costs.

Presentation: Working Successfully With Your IT Department Members Only
Real estate and facility management leaders are under growing pressure from the business and the workforce to expand their strategies to reimagine physical spaces to engage employees. Digital/physical convergence is compelling RE/FM charters to expand and become interdependent with the charter of IT. But how should you cope with this new need to work more with IT? Come hear an analyst from Gartner, an IT research and advisory firm, who will share an insider’s view of IT organizations – who’s in them, how they work, what makes them tick – and how you can best partner with them because you need them and they need you!

Presentation: Please Don’t Go – The NeuroScience of Workplaces that Attract and Retain Members Only
Want your space to attract and retain the best and the brightest talent? Join us to learn about two key studies that describe how to do just that! We’ll share key lessons from our Neuroscience research and from our Workforce Voice powered by LinkedIn study, describing what it takes to create spaces that attract, retain, and engage talent. Learn why employees love (or not!) the experience they have in the workplace, and how to convert them from detractors (those who would not recommend their employers) to promoters (those who would). Don’t miss the surprising findings about what matters most in the workplace and make a powerful case for the power of place!

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