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Presentation: Target 2020: Health and Human Sustainability Members Only
Imagine the office in 2020: how will our personal desire to live healthier lives transform the world of work. And what will a healthy life look like 10 years from now? The work environment is changing, impacted by increasing numbers of older citizens, the growing influence of automation, smart and sustainable buildings and the need to retain talent. What are the opportunities for real estate in this era of big data and DIY health? Can the workplace strategy drive value within the business by moving beyond sustainability to human sustainability? A recent, unique research project shows the benefits to business of focusing on human sustainability. Scientists of the Universities of Twente and Amsterdam conducted a seven month study of healthy employees in a live office environment. The surprising findings of this study will be shared. See how they compare with commonly accepted research and aspirations. Join the discussion about the changes and benefits of offices that are geared to human sustainability. How will this affect our responsible business programs? Will we see the emergence of a ‘human based office’ in EMEA? Will future workplaces evolve into new and unique solutions creating more productivity and adding to the quality of life? According to CBRE’s Global WorkPlace innovation roadmapping research results, focusing on human sustainability or ‘wellness’, is a growing trend.

Presentation: Uncovering CRE's Future Risks Members Only
Are you aware of the future corporate real estate risk within your organization? Engage with the session presenters and participants in a discussion that delves into the future of 2025. You will participate in making an inventory of future risk perceptions in the context of future challenges for corporate real estate. Collectively you will share your insights and discover how risk perception is likely to change based on an on the spot analysis of potential future risks and comparing them to an existing 2014 risk perception benchmark study. Through interactive exercises you will discuss the findings to build insights about the differences in future risk perception. You may even be surprised to learn of trends or events that are likely to happen between now and 2025 and how they might cause a change in risk perception. Risk perception is the subjective judgment made about the characteristics and severity of risks and potential threats. How organizations and professionals react to the evidence of risk is mediated by many factors. The evaluation of evidence, trends, how information is communicated, social and cultural influence, political and economic interests, and even personal experiences can all influence perceptions about risk.

Presentation: How Can Space Impact Employee Engagement? Members Only
Constantly responding to volatile market conditions, while also reinventing and innovating ahead of the curve, requires a more resilient organisation. This level of resiliency demands a group of employees who are highly engaged. But the reality is there aren’t as many highly engaged workers as organisations need and it is becoming a bottom-line issue. How can CRE be a part of a holistic strategy to increase engagement? Ilinca Popescu, Steelcase Design Thinking Expert, will present key findings from the Steelcase Global Report exploring the relationship between employee engagement and how people feel about their workplace. She will zoom in on the kinds of changes to the physical work environment that can make the biggest impact.

Presentation: The Energy Challenge: Rolls-Royce Sustainability Strategy Members Only
Did you ever think that your Sustainability idea could be the ‘Rolls-Royce’ of strategies? Kenny Tan of Rolls-Royce will share the initiative and the process to install solar photovoltaic systems (PV) to the Seletar Campus in Singapore. This includes the business case to install the vast PV systems, the supplier selection process, the various avenues to obtain internal and external approvals and lessons learned. The session will highlight their global environmental and energy strategy and how this fits into the company's sustainability mission.

Presentation: Why Millennials Matter Members Only
What do we know about Millennials? If we're to believe what we read we will think they're tech-savvy, connected, urban, educated, and in debt. But is this an accurate reflection?

Presentation: How Integrated Data Can Change Portfolio Decisions Members Only
Shell Real Estate strives to provide safe, secure and productive environments that allow people to perform at their best. To drive better business outcomes there is a need for good and transparent management information. Discover how Shell has used of management information and close integration with Shell Businesses and Functions to enable strategic business decisions.

Presentation: The Digital Mindset - Challenges of the Digital Age Members Only
The anxiety of missing out makes businesses hyperventilate over transformational initiatives when it comes to “digital”. But, is this the right answer to the digital revolution, the digital age? Change initiatives take place to move an organisation from one state to another. However, the accelerated speed of technology makes it hard to change from a non- or semi-digital organisation to a digital one. It’s a permanent evolution that requires continuous improvement and constant adaptation of new technologies. An organisation that succeeds in the digital age addresses these challenges with a certain skillset: the “Digital Mindset”.

Presentation: Technology and the Transformation of the Workplace: a Bottom-Up Perspective Members Only
There is a growing realisation that we are facing tectonic shifts in our political, economic and social relations: ranging from geopolitical uncertainties, to the disruptive impact of technology and challenges to maintain a development path that is environmental and socially sustainable. These shifts affect almost every aspect of our lives and although predicting the future is a very perilous exercise, one thing that we can be almost certain of is that technology will re-shape the concept of work, and that the workplace will have to adapt accordingly. Despite numerous whitepapers discussing this subject, in practice there is limited understanding of what organisations are actually thinking and doing in this area. Consequently Source8 is working on a research project aimed to gather the views and perspectives of executives that are directly or indirectly linked to the corporate real estate industry.

Presentation: M&As – A Big Deal for Corporate Real Estate! Members Only
Global M&A activity hit a new high in 2015, which saw the first run of back-to-back $1 trillion+ quarters since 2000. In Europe, healthy corporate balance sheets, renewed confidence and attractive financing conditions have boosted this activity. Companies are once again exploring M&As as a way to secure a competitive edge. Real estate can be a highly efficient way to maximise value from these mega deals. However, CRE executives, are operating against an increasingly complex backdrop. How well are you prepared to navigate a complicated market? Are we learning from our experiences and adapting to our environment, or are we locked into a path that leaves us as inflexible as the physical real estate assets that we manage? Panelists will share their insights into what facilitates a successful M&A programme, and review when property should enter discussions to deliver the greatest value.

Presentation: User EXPERIENCE: The Next Big Thing! Members Only
"Taking actions to create value for someone else or a group of individuals" is the definition of Experience. It sounds straightforward yet it is a significantly misunderstood topic. How do you create an outstanding user experience at work, deploy strategy, measure impact and calculate ROI? What does an experience entail and demand? Can you influence and control it? Can you provoke memorable moments? Where do you start?

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