Global Innovator's Award - 2005 Winners
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Global Innovator's Award - 2005 Winners

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CoreNet Global Selects Four Winners
for Global Innovator's Awards Harvard University, Johnson Controls, The Hartford
and Royal Bank of Scotland Win Real Estate Award


CoreNet Global's Mary Manning (SBB) with award winner Barry Varcoe of the Royal Bank of Scotland and award cosponsor Greg Schementi (right) of Equis Corp.
NINA's Ron Copes (right) with Mary Manning and award cosponsor Francisco Acoba of Deloitte.
Johnson Controls' Clay Nesler with Mary Manning and award cosponsor Joe Brancato (right) of Gensler.
Harvard University's Jim Gray and ASU's John Savicky with Mary Manning and award cosponsor Francisco Acoba (second from right) of Deloitte.


For more details about the winners, read the press release.


High Quality Equals High Energy
at Harvard Global Innovators Review By Richard Kadzis Senior Contributing Editor, Corporate Real Estate LEADER Magazine


Harvard Library
The 8th Annual CoreNet Global Innovators Awards, recently renamed for former Chief Learning Officer H. Bruce Russell, were held again at Harvard University. Special thanks to event host Dr. Martha O'Mara of Harvard.


(Cambridge MA) – Sparks flew
August 3 - 4 at Harvard University.


The kinetics emanated not from the school's science and engineering center, but from the opposite end of historic Harvard Yard where 10 finalists for the H. Bruce Russell Global Innovators Award had assembled for CoreNet Global's annual review of the industry's hottest best practices and solutions for 2005.


“The high energy level of the 10 presenting companies and organizations was outstanding,” commented Capital One VP of Real Estate Larry Ebert, who chaired the panel of senior corporate real estate executives and leading academics judging the finalists' work.


“Just getting to this part of the process is an accomplishment in itself,” remarked MIT School of Architecture & Planning Director of Research and awards judge Michael Joroff, who has served on the panel several times before and rated the total field of 43 entries as the best he's ever seen.

Serving as award judges were (from left) Dr. Martha O'Mara (Harvard University), Lynn Kious, MCR (Walt Disney), Frank Robinson, MCR (McKesson), Mark Gorman (Nortel), Larry Ebert (Capital One), Don Moulton, MCR (NCH), Michael Joroff (MIT Architecture & Planning) and CoreNet Global Chairman Jeff Elie (Kaplan).


The scoring results from the preliminary round rating the initial nominees supports Joroff's observation that - in his words - the cases submitted by the field as a whole ranged from the top end of “very good to best practices.”


Scores separating the finalists from much of the rest of the field were razor thin, among the narrowest margins in the eight-year history of the awards.


While workplace design and management was a predominant focus, there were also several tools and technology solutions that also stood out at the review held again in the prestigious environs of the Harvard Faculty Club. Economic development and community development initiatives were also on the review agenda.
• Harvard University Best Value Procurement System
• KeyBank Green Campus LEED Pilot Certification
• Royal Bank of Scotland Embedded Culture of Innovation
• Sprint Enterprise Location Optimization

• Cushman & Wakefield Supply Chain Solution
• Johnson Controls, Inc. Solutions Navigator

INNOVATIONS BY ECONOMIC DEVELOPERS • Los Angeles County EDC Retention Early Warning System

INNOVATIONS IN COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT • The Hartford, Aetna, et al Northside Institutions Neighborhood Alliance




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