Master of Corporate Real Estate (MCR)
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Master of Corporate Real Estate (MCR)

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CoreNet Global's MCR designation is well recognized throughout the industry and profession for outstanding faculty, high quality instruction and current content. The content is valuable for service providers, end users, and economic developers. Attain your MCR and you will gain experience to:

  • Implement current best practices in analyzing real estate portfolio options to reduce risk, contain costs, manage assets, and communicate scenarios with clarity for decision-making.
  • Improve your ability to review business needs, cost justification, scope, budget, risks and impacts in order to deliver concise business case recommendations for projects.
  • Gain essential skills that focus on critical business issues and the mission of the CRE organization
  • Broaden your knowledge and deliver increasing value to your enterprise
  • Learn in a peer-to-peer environment led by CRE experts
  • Obtain useful materials with immediate applications

MCR Curriculum

The MCR program consists of four required and two elective seminars to be completed within a five-year period.  To obtain the Workplace Specialization Option (MCR.w), three electives in workplace are needed.

While participating in the MCR Seminars, you will:

  • Demonstrate your expertise in performing financial analysis, developing sound business cases, identifying risks in the portfolio, and recommending risk mitigation strategies.
  • Develop real estate strategies that effectively support the goals of the business units. 
  • Analyze the impacts of real estate decisions on your organization's financial statements as well as participate in discussion of how these impacts are viewed by the CFO and senior management.
  • Effectively assess and manage the overall real estate portfolio, not just the specific assets.
  • Complete a business case including creation of vision, charter strategy, scope of products and services, delivery and resource sourcing with other CRE professionals.

MCR Required Seminars

MCR Seminar Catalog

  • Corporate Real Estate Finance
  • Enterprise Alignment
  • Real Estate's Impact on Financial Statements
  • Capstone: Leadership & Strategy

MCR Elective Seminars (Select Two)

  • Advanced Lease Analysis
  • Advanced Negotiations for Corporate Real Estate Professionals
  • Corporate Real Estate Technology Essentials: Approaches, Tools and Practices (#1 of 3 technology-focused seminars)
  • Corporate Real Estate Technology: Selection and Implementation (#2 of 3 technology-focused seminars)
  • Corporate Real Estate Technology: Data Governance (#3 of 3 technology-related seminars)
  • Essentials of Corporate Real Estate Leadership
  • Performance Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Service Delivery and Outsourcing: Implementing, Managing, and Improving Partnerships
  • Sustainable Strategies: Impact on Corporate Real Estate Portfolios

Workplace Specialization Seminars

(Also count as MCR or SLCR Elective Seminars)

  • Workplace Strategy Essentials (#1 of 3 workplace-focused seminars)
  • Workplace Strategy Methodologies (#2 of 3 workplace-focused seminars)
  • Workplace Strategy in Practice (#3 of 3 workplace-focused seminars)

Let's get started

Maintain the MCR Designation

Once you have achieved the MCR designation, you will need 50 hours of continuing professional development related to career enhancement or job performance during each three year cycle. Refer to the MCR Renewal Chart of Credits (PDF) for details.

Required Qualifications: The Master of Corporate Real Estate (MCR) professional designation is for those with a master's degree and 3 years CRE experience, or a bachelor's degree and 5 years CRE experience, or candidates with 10 year's CRE experience.

  • About MCR
  • MCR FAQs
  • About the Workplace Specialization (MCR.w)

About MCR

Why Should You Earn The Master of Corporate Real Estate (MCR) Designation?

  • Gain essential skills that focus on critical business issues and the mission of the CRE organization in relation to corporate goals
  • Broaden your knowledge and deliver ever-increasing value to your enterprise by becoming a corporate real estate (CRE) expert
  • Learn in a peer-to-peer environment, led by CRE experts and obtain useful take-aways with immediate applications

The designation has contributed to the professionalism of corporate real estate and is essential for service providersend users, and economic developers at all levels.

Maintain the MCR Designation

Continuing professional development activities are important to stay abreast of new information and business models in a constantly changing global marketplace. To keep the MCR designation in good standing, a designee must participate in educational activities specific to a renewal cycle. 

  • A designee must accumulate 50 hours of continuing education related to career enhancement or job performance during each three-year renewal cycle; and
  • Purchase MCR renewal by the cycle's deadline


  • The MCR designation renewal cycle begins following receipt of the MCR official completion letter and ends three years' later on 31 December
  • Fifty MCR renewal credits are equivalent to 50 program hours of corporate real estate education. Refer to the MCR Renewal Chart of Credits for information about learning activities and credits
  • Only MCR renewal credits earned within your current cycle may be used for credit



Q: Do you have to be a member to take the MCR seminars?

No. Membership is optional but the member price per seminar is less than for the non-member price.

Q: How much will it cost to attain the MCR designation?

See Seminar Pricing.

Q: How long do I have to complete the designation?

You have five years from the date of your first seminar to complete the program. Some people complete the program in one year; the average is two to three years.

Q: How often are the different seminars offered?

Professional Development programming is offered to enable candidates to complete the designation within a three-year period. Additionally, a full offering of seminars is available within each region during that three-year period.

Q: Do you have to take courses in any particular order?

The seminars can be taken in any order, however, we recommend completing the required seminars when they are available. You must complete at least four seminars (made up of three required and one elective) in order to sit for the Capstone Seminar. Should this requirement present a difficulty, we encourage you to discuss the situation with your regional learning relations manager. Contact listed below.

Q: Do I have to be a candidate to attend a seminar?

No. Candidacy is selected by those who are actively pursuing the MCR designation.

Q: How do I become a candidate?

Enroll here: MCR Online Application

Q: Can I take the seminars anywhere in the world?

Yes. In fact, we encourage people to take one or more seminars outside their home region to experience the differences in culture, market approaches, economics, regulatory, legal dynamics and expand your global network of CRE professionals. All seminars are taught in English; local translation is provided in Japan and China. *Please note that all seminars are offered in each region within a three-year period.

Q: Will seminars still count toward the designation even if I'm not a candidate when I take the course?

Yes. We record all participant grades and course completions. From the time you decide to become a candidate, all seminars successfully completed during a five-year period will count.

Q: What is required to maintain the MCR designation?

Continuing professional development activities are important to stay abreast of new information and business models. To keep the MCR designation in good standing, a designee must participate in educational activities specific to a renewal cycle. We accept many forms of learning activities relevant to CRE professionals, including other professional associations, in-house training programs, CoreNet Global Chapter education programs, CoreNet Global Summit participation and other CoreNet Global seminars. To renew your designation, go to MCR Designation Renewal. To learn more, see "About MCR".

Q: Is there anyone I can talk to about the program?

CoreNet Global has learning professionals in each region that can answer your questions. Contact your regional learning relations manager, listed below.

Q: How is the MCR.w different from the MCR?

The option to earn a specialization in workplace was added to the MCR designation in support of the growing interest among members who wanted to focus the electives taken for the MCR on the study of workplace strategies. The MCR.w simply indicates that these individuals have specialized in workplace strategies for the elective portion of the MCR program. There is one MCR designation, with an option to add a focused specialization.

Q: If I have my MCR, can I add the workplace specialization at a later point in time?

Yes. Any time you decide that you would like to add the workplace specialization to your existing MCR designation, you may complete the three workplace seminars, pass the assessments and add the .w specialization to your existing MCR designation. In fact, the three required workplace courses you take count not only toward earning your specialization, but also toward renewal credit for your MCR designation during the period in which they are taken.

About the Workplace Specialization (MCR.w)

What is the workplace specialization (.w)?

The workplace specialization provides candidates with a strong foundation in the field of workplace strategy and offers the opportunity to earn professional recognition for additional knowledge gained through the program. After completing the workplace specialization, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the processes involved in creating a workplace strategy, the fundamental skills and knowledge that a workplace strategist needs, and ways to mitigate common pitfalls and barriers. You will learn specific approaches to staying current in the field, and you'll become part of a community of workplace professionals who exchange ideas and information.

If you are in the process of earning the MCR designation, you can add the workplace specialization at any point in time, by taking and successfully passing the three required workplace specialization seminars. If you have already completed your MCR designation, you will only need to take the workplace seminars and pass their assessments to add the workplace specialization (.w) to your existing MCR designation.


For general questions or detailed information, please contact a Learning Concierge.

Shari Hitt
Learning Relationship Manager
Phone: +1 (404) 589-3231

Megan Moore
Learning Relationship Manager
Phone: +1 (404) 589-3249

Cathy Thomas
Learning Relationship Manager
Phone: +44 (0)7557 687109(UK) or +1 (404) 589-3261

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