Senior Leader of Corporate Real Estate (SLCR)
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Senior Leader of Corporate Real Estate (SLCR)

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Enhance your strategic approach to collaboration across functions, service partners, and technologies.  With a 10+ year history, the SLCR is a well-recognized designation representing CRE dedication, specialization, expertise and knowledge.  Our expert faculty members receive high ratings for presentation skills, knowledge and interaction.

The SLCR is designed to:

  • Broaden business perspective
  • Enhance strategic approach to decision-making
  • Expand essential leadership skills to drive strategies that create value
  • Update financial analysis best practices
  • Gain insights into ways to collaborate across corporate functions, service partners, and lead change initiatives

To attain the SLCR designation, successfully complete any six of the SLCR Seminars listed below

SLCR Seminars

  • Change Leadership
  • Executive Skills for Corporate Real Estate Leaders
  • Financial Leadership and Decision Making
  • Leadership and Strategy
  • Organizational Change
  • Project Finance and Capital Markets
  • Transforming Corporate Real Estate Management Through Lean Six Sigma

Workplace Specialization Seminars also count as either MCR Elective or SLCR Seminars

  • Workplace Strategy Essentials (#1 of 3 Workplace Focused Seminars)
  • Workplace Strategy Methodologies (#2 of 3 Workplace Focused Seminars)
  • Workplace Strategy in Practice (#3 of 3 Workplace Focused Seminars)

To achieve the SLCR:

  1. Apply to become an SLCR Candidate. There is no cost to become a candidate.
  2. Register and attend six SLCR seminars within a five-year period. 
  3. Contact CoreNet Global staff upon completion of the six Seminars to receive your SLCR designation.

The SLCR designation is for those who have already completed the MCR designation program and have 10 years CRE experience, OR head a CRE department reporting to senior leadership.

  • About SLCR

About SLCR

What is the Senior Leader of Corporate Real Estate (SLCR) Designation?

The focus of the SLCR seminar series is the development of critical leadership skills for those positioning themselves for a greater role in their organization. It is designed to broaden business perspective, enhance strategic approach to decision making, hone financial analysis skills, and expand essential leadership abilities.

The series addresses the skills you will need to develop and drive strategies that create value and provide leadership in CRE. The content emphasizes new capabilities, collaboration across corporate functions and service partners, integrated workforce strategies, understanding work and how the infrastructure can most effectively enable it, and skills to lead change initiatives. 


Q: Do you have to be a member to take the SLCR seminars?

No. Membership is optional but the member price per seminar is less than the non-member price.

Q: How long do I have to complete all six seminars?

You have five years from the date of your first seminar to complete the program. Some people complete the program in one year; the average is two – three years.

Q: Do you have to take courses in any particular order?

The seminars can be taken in any order. 

Q: Do I have to be a candidate to attend a seminar?

No. Candidacy is selected by those who are actively pursuing the SLCR designation.

Q: How do I become a candidate?

Enroll here: SLCR Online Application

Q: Can I take the seminars anywhere in the world?

Yes. In fact, we encourage people to take one or more seminars outside their home region to experience the differences in culture, market approaches, economics, regulatory, legal dynamics and expand your global network of CRE professionals. All seminars are taught in English; local translation is provided in Japan and China. *Please note that all seminars are offered in each region within a three-year period. 

Q: Will your classes still count toward the designation even if I'm not a candidate when I take the course?

Yes. We record all participant grades and course completions. From the time you decide to become a candidate, all seminars successfully completed during a five-year period will count.

Q: What is required to maintain the SLCR designation?

There is no requirement for SLCR. 

Q: Is there anyone I can talk to about the program?

CoreNet Global has learning professionals in each region that can answer your questions. Contact your regional learning relations manager, listed below. 

Q: How much will it cost to attain the MCR Designation?

Seminar rates vary by global regions. All seminars within a region are priced the same. Attaining the SLCR designation is based on completing six seminars, and candidacy application. View Pricing >>>


For general questions or detailed information, please contact a Learning Concierge.

Shari Hitt
Learning Relationship Manager
Phone: +1 (404) 589-3231

Megan Moore
Learning Relationship Manager
Phone: +1 (404) 589-3249

Cathy Thomas
Learning Relationship Manager
Phone: +44 (0)7557 687109(UK) or +1 (404) 589-3261

Senior Leader of Corporate Real Estate (SLCR) Graduates: 2016 (PDF) | 2015 (PDF) | 2014 (PDF) | 2013 (PDF) | 2012 (PDF) | 2011 (PDF) | 2010 (PDF) | 2009 (PDF) | 2008 (PDF)