CoreNet Global Launches Corporate Real Estate 2010 Shaping a major new industry focus: Enabling Work in a Networked World
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CoreNet Global Launches Corporate Real Estate 2010 Shaping a major new industry focus: Enabling Work in a Networked World

Press Release
January 1, 2009

In the early 1990's, Corporate Real Estate 2000 created a powerful new vision for the corporate real estate industry, a vision that served to frame industry- leading research and program development activities. Now, almost a decade later, CoreNet Global has started an exciting new research and leadership development program, Corporate Real Estate 2010, defining a new vision for the industry and capturing the transition strategies and skill sets required to be a successful corporate leader in the future. The new vision addresses the subtle, but steady advance towards the networked world as one of the most significant long-term trends in business - a force that is fundamentally transforming society and almost every aspect of the way in which firms operate.

According to CoreNet Global Learning, the enterprise of the future will be agile, but sustainable, and built on an integrated infrastructure that is capable of supporting the continuous adjustments needed to optimize work. Work, itself, will be done by collaborative teams operating across time and space to leverage the knowledge and talent of a global workforce. To achieve this, the networked enterprise will rely heavily on new technologies designed to support the work of different teams with different tasks all working toward common goals. And these technologies will be powered by sophisticated applications with powerful analytics that provide the information needed to make real-time decisions.

The overall research program to develop the vision for the industry and identify skill sets and transition strategies to be successful in leading that vision is a three-phase process.

The "Vision" phase will launch in June and will consist of an invitation-only focus group to validate findings from the Knowledge Discovery Process and develop the vision for the industry. The second phase, "Strategy Development", will engage teams of next gene ration leaders to examine selected areas in more depth and produce draft reports that support the overall vision. The third phase, "Industry Transformation", will result in new research reports, web-based products, and educational programs to enable corporate real estate professionals to lead the transformation within their own firms and across the industry. Products from this research effort will begin to be incorporated into Summits starting in Atlanta in Fall, 2003.

Corporate Real Estate 2010
New Focus to Benefit Members and Their Companies

This is a unique opportunity for corporate real estate professionals to develop their own leadership skills and professional networks, while benchmarking their own strategies and processes against the best in the industry. For service providers, Corporate Real Estate 2010 is collaborative and is designed so that participants work with teams of end-users to shape a new vision for the industry.

Corporate Real Estate 2010 offers a high degree of interaction, learning, teaching and involvement at Global Summits and within the Executive Development Seminar series.

Participants in Corporate Real Estate 2010 will have the opportunity to:

  • Contribute to CoreNet Global's vision of becoming the opinion leader for the industry.
  • Lead or participate on teams to explore selected areas in more depth.
  • Broaden their knowledge of best practices in the industry.
  • Develop new personal and professional networks to assist them in becoming more effective in a networked world.
  • Lead or manage workshops at CoreNet Global Summits.
  • Present in CoreNet Global Executive Development programs.
Please contact CoreNet Global Learning for more information at 1-404-589-3216.