CoreNet Global Compensation Survey: How Much Are You Worth?
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CoreNet Global Compensation Survey: How Much Are You Worth?

Press Release
February 17, 2003

CoreNet Global is fielding the first-ever global study of salaries and compensation within the corporate real estate industry, and we need your help!

CoreNet Global has commissioned a comprehensive survey of members and non-members around the globe to examine compensation for all levels and types of professionals in the industry. The study will provide the corporate real estate industry with a wide view of compensation levels including salaries and benefits.

We are planning to survey up to 2,000 corporate real estate executives (culled from more than 10,000 listings!) and will need your help to reach this ambitious goal. When you receive an email requesting your participation in the study, please respond. Member participation is essential to making the CoreNet Global 2004 Compensation Study an invaluable tool for all corporate real estate executives as they benchmark not only their own compensation, but review department budgets and pay scales.

The study will examine direct compensation and related issues, including base salaries, compensation trends, bonuses, retirement benefits, as well as other employee benefits and executive perquisites. The study will reach both end users and service providers and will include data from members and non-members around the world but does not include economic developers.

Knowledge Systems & Research (KS&R), an independent research firm, has been retained to ensure confidentiality and statistically significant data - but we can't do it without you. CoreNet Global is asking that all members asked to participate, complete the web-based survey to contribute to this valuable data! Members who respond to the survey will be offered a discounted price on the survey report, as well as a chance to win a free registration to an upcoming Global Summit of their choice.

Please email if you would like to take part in the survey. Deadline for responses is February 17