Presidential Envoy Who Led Capture of Hussein, Rebuilding of Iraq, Will Give Leadership Keynote at CoreNet Global San Antonio Summit
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Presidential Envoy Who Led Capture of Hussein, Rebuilding of Iraq, Will Give Leadership Keynote at CoreNet Global San Antonio Summit

Press Release
August 19, 2004

Paul Bremer's Low-Key Announcement on Live Network Television:
'Ladies and gentlemen, we got him.'

ATLANTA – August 19, 2004 – L. Paul Bremer III, a leadership expert and career diplomat who served as U.S. civilian administrator in Iraq after the fall of former dictator Saddam Hussein, will deliver the keynote address on leadership at the CoreNet Global Summit in San Antonio on November 9, 2004.

Bremer's remarks, on the theme of "Strategic Clarity and Tactical Excellence," will headline a series of presentations and interactive educational sessions for an anticipated 3,000-plus members of CoreNet Global, the world's premier association for corporate real estate professionals.

He served as Presidential Envoy to Iraq from May 6, 2003, to June 28, 2004, leading the U.S. Coalition Provisional Government which concluded on the latter date with the repatriation of Iraq. Despite continuing problems in the war-torn country, "the big things went right, thanks to a handful of Bremer's decisions and his political skill," according to a recent profile of Bremer in The Weekly Standard. "In Iraq, the center held."

Bremer was the spokesperson at the Dec. 13, 2003, news conference following Hussein's capture, which he announced with the understated comment, "Ladies and gentlemen, we got him."

"Ambassador Bremer's leadership is widely acknowledged as the reason Iraq was in a position to accept sovereignty by the June 30 deadline," said Peggy Binzel, CEO of CoreNet Global, the world's leading professional association for corporate real estate executives. "His remarkable achievements in promoting unity among Iraq's Kurdish, Sunni and Shia factions and maintaining political stability after the fall of Hussein are powerful testaments to his masterful command of leadership strategy and tactics."

Bremer is one of the world's leading experts on crisis management and security, and former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Marsh Crisis Consulting, a subsidiary of the financial services firm Marsh & McLennan. From 1989 to 2000, he was Managing Director of Kissinger Associates, a strategic consulting firm headed by former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

The CoreNet Global Summit in San Antonio is one of five held annually around the world as forums for professional development, education and networking among leaders in the industry. Other speakers at the San Antonio Summit Nov. 6-10 include acclaimed futurist Harry Dent, Jr. and technology forecaster Daniel Burrus.

CoreNet Global members manage US$1.2 trillion in worldwide corporate assets totaling 700 billion square feet of owned and leased office, industrial and other space.

With 7,500 members providing workplace services for large corporations around the world, CoreNet Global ( operates in five global regions: Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America and North America, including Canada.