What's Next for Real Estate and the Life Experience?
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What's Next for Real Estate and the Life Experience?

Mary Fleischmann

June 5, 2020

What’s Next for Real Estate and the Life Experience is a compelling new (free) webinar series from The Counselors of Real Estate—offering expert interpretation from provocative speakers who not only represent diverse and novel thinking, but question prevailing thinking. Open to all, these exclusive webinars offer high impact, high value, and a high return from leading real estate and societal influencers worldwide. Each session will be future tense, providing meaningful insights you can use NOW to position your business for the years ahead. Chaos brings disruption…but it is also a source of extraordinary opportunity for those who recognize the new possibilities rooted in societal need and changing behavioral patterns.
Discover something new and thought provoking every month with The Counselors Webinar Series 2020.

Visit CRE.org/Session2 to learn more and register for the June 11 session.